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Blitz: Loving the Senator by Mia Villano

To Prudence Romaine, Alex Conrad is the perfect man. He is gorgeous, rich and has just been elected to the U.S. Senate by the state of Virginia. The only problem is Alex is seventeen years older than Prudence, and he still thinks of her as the little girl he tried to rescue. But that all changes the night he is elected senator.

The sexual tension between Prudence and the senator reaches the tipping point. Prudence is no longer a little girl. She’s been in love with Alex for some time. But Alex has continually pushed her away time and again — for both their sakes. At least, that’s what he thought.

But Alex can only hold out for so long, and once they give in, the passion they’ve held back for years threatens to undo them. But loving the senator is not all its cracked up to be.

Prudence must learn to handle the pressure that comes with being with a high-profile politician, his jealous ex-girlfriend and the demands of the people if she wants to make this work.

LOVING THE SENATOR is an erotic romance aimed at mature audiences.

Loving the Senator by Mia Villano 

(Capitol Affairs #1) 
Published by: Swoon Romance
Publication date: October 28th 2014
Genres: Adult, Erotica, Romance

Chapter Two

I turned up the volume and sat on my bed to keep from passing out.
    “Top news this morning: Newly elected Virginia Senator Alex Conrad, was involved in an accident late last night. The investigation is still ongoing, but it’s believed that he was downtown near the university after his victory party, where the accident occurred. We are unsure of his condition only that he is being treated at St. Theresa’s hospital. We will update further as we find out more.”
    Oh my God. He was near my condo when it happened. I jumped off the bed, threw on clothes, and brushed my teeth. I put my shoulder-length red hair up in a ponytail, put on mascara and lip-gloss hurriedly, and headed out the door. I drove as fast as possible to the train station. I parked my car, purchased my ticket, and searched my phone to check for more updated news on Alex. None of the news feeds updated. After the quick twenty-minute ride, I made a quick stop at the coffee shop on the way in and grabbed a coffee for myself and a second one for my coworker, Thomas.                   
     Thomas was already in the office when I arrived. He shopped on the Internet early in the morning pretending to work, but I caught him when I walked in. I handed him his favorite, mocha Frappuccino, and he excitedly clapped his hands, with a smile.
    “Please don’t do that again today. It is way too early for your gayness,” I said. I hoped he had information on Alex.
    “You love my gayness, honey.” He laughed at me turning around to face me in his cubicle.
    “Thomas, did you hear about Alex this morning?” I asked.
    “Honey, all I heard is he had an accident. Nobody is saying a thing on the news. This is between me and you, but I believe he was going to meet a woman,” he said. He tried to whisper like he knew a big secret.
    I put my purse in my desk drawer and my books on the shelf above my computer. Little did Thomas know, that woman might have been me?

    “Thanks for the little piece of heaven. I’m going find out about Alex; I will be right back,” he said. He slurped his coffee through a straw loudly and headed down the hall. I got settled into my cubicle and turned on my computer.
     It only took him a couple of minutes to get the scoop that I longed to hear. I counted on Thomas to get information or gossip faster than breaking news.
    “So Stacy in clerical told Monica, the receptionist, that, after the party around midnight, he was in his Maserati heading downtown near the campus, and someone ran a stop sign. He is okay, but in the hospital getting checked out, and he has a black eye, cuts and bruised ribs, nothing too serious. I still say he was going to see someone. Hey, while I’m thinking of it, do you want to go out Saturday night with Bruce and me? He found out about a new club that is off the charts,” he said.
    He began snapping his fingers and dancing, unconcerned about anything else.
    What happened to Alex took over my thoughts and I couldn’t think beyond that. He had to be coming to see me if his accident happened downtown. I had to find out. I had his number in my cell phone from the campaign. With shaky hands and my heart beating rapidly, I typed out a message to him.  
    “Just heard u were in an accident. Pls tell me u r ok.”
    I sent it and waited.  
    “Miss Romaine,” said Victoria Lyndhurst. She’s the law firm’s reigning prosecuting attorney, and I definitely hadn’t expected her to sneak up behind me.
    “Yes, Victoria,” I said turning around in my seat, hoping she didn’t catch me texting. Victoria didn’t scare me, but everyone else in the office feared her. Thomas said when he hears her voice, he shrivels up everywhere. She’s one of the best prosecuting attorneys in the state and meaner than a rattlesnake. When she finished with someone, he would be missing either one or both of his balls, and she had them in her fist. I admired her.
    “I want you in court with me this afternoon. I’ve got a real doozy, and I want you to watch me destroy him. I need to be there by one o’clock, so be ready. This prick is a wife abuser and his latest wife, the fifth one, is dead. I’m going to nail his ass to the wall and watch him cry like a bitch,” she said sipping the green tea that she drank obsessively.
    “I’m your girl, Victoria. I love to watch you nailing asses to the wall,” I said.  
    I really did. What she did in court could’ve been considered a work of art. I witnessed many grown men, accused killers and one mafia hit man, cry when she finished with them. Victoria was ruthless.
    “Watch and learn honey, watch and learn. You will be doing this soon, so you might as well learn from the best. One less jackass out terrorizing women is an excellent day in my book,” she said.
    After that comment, she glared at Thomas. She loved that he was intimidated and afraid of her.  
    Victoria quickly became my idol. She showed no fear, and swore like a sailor, but had a timeless, classic style about her. Her platinum hair always worn up and I had never seen her without high heels. She was as old as my grandmother was, but didn’t look a day over fifty. She loved going to the opera, and I noticed after a huge win, she often celebrated by eating a McDonald’s Big Mac. Victoria had taken me under her wing and told me she planned on “grooming me for greatness.”
    Before I asked her something concerning another case, she whirled away, back into her office and shut the door.  
    I leaned back in my seat and looked out the window of our high-rise. For November, the weather was perfect. The sun shone bright, with not a cloud in the sky. I took a quick glance at my phone for any text messages. Heat radiated up my cheeks when I noticed his number flashing.
    Glad to hear from u. I didn’t make it to u. I tried. Sorry. I’m OK. Just banged up. Come see me.
    Relieved u r ok. When?
    Thankfully I was sitting.  
    Going to court in a few w Victoria. Monday?
    Early. Need to see u.
   11 ok?
   Don’t forget. Looking forward to it.
    Don’t forget? Was he kidding?       
    He needed to see me. I wanted to stop working and go to him. The idea of pretending to be sick crossed my mind. But Victoria needed me, and I had to put my career first even though it killed me. I couldn’t run over on my lunch hour either. I would never make it back in time for court.  
    I wanted to tell Thomas, but I waited. I tell him everything, yet I needed to keep this to myself. He would never shut up and might accidentally tell someone. He looked over at me and must have noticed something was wrong. He ran over to my desk, flailing his arms around and laughing.
    “Are going to get sick? You look ill. Did that mean, nasty Victoria scare you? She did me. I’m pulling my balls out of my ass right now,” he said, rubbing my back.
    “Nothing is wrong. I’m fine. Just too much champagne last night and my head is killing me,” I lied. I rubbed my eyes. Focus. More people came in the office, and the place got loud.  
    “I have Ibuprofen if you want it,” he said. He sat on the edge of my desk facing me. He looked so cute with his gray pullover sweater and yellow scarf. Only Thomas could pull off that style. He was gorgeous with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a very muscular body. When we met in college, I wanted to date him. That changed one night at a party when he made it clear, women weren’t his thing.   
    “I will be okay. Why are you are acting weird this morning? Did you have sex last night? You always act mega weird after a good roll in the hay,” I teased.
    Since he started dating his new boyfriend Bruce Xiong, I had to listen to their “sexcapades” as he called it. They fought, and then had crazy make-up sex. I sensed it the next day because he always acted more annoying.
     “Well, yes of course. We had our celebration sex after the election. Alex looked hot last night. Oh and, by the way, I noticed you dancing with him; you little skank,” he smiled. Thomas was at Alex’s election party. He didn’t stay long but made an appearance when I was dancing with Alex.
    “He asked me to dance, big deal. He only asked because I ran his campaign, and it was the right thing to do. His girlfriend watched it all,” I said.
    “Say what you want, honey. I sense you have a thing for him. That’s why you were so concerned about him this morning. I haven’t seen you that concerned over anyone. You know, maybe, I have a thing for him. He might’ve been coming to visit me last night,” he said, laughing and walking back to his cubicle.
    “Good luck with that!” I yelled.      
    “Well, signal me if I need to call 911. I don’t want you flat-lining in your cubicle, honey. You look pale,” he laughed.
    “You’re an ass,” I smiled. Before he sat back down, he smacked his butt, pretending to gallop like a horse. Victoria walked out of her office and gave him a glare that could kill. His face got beet red and I couldn’t help but quietly laugh at him. My day went from dreary to fantastic in just a few minutes.

Mia Villano's love for politics and romance inspired her to write her first erotic romance. Loving The Senator is the first book in the Capitol Affairs Series.

When she is not writing, Mia is hiking, cooking, and spending time with her two daughters.

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