Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Fifth Paw Review


The Fifth Paw® ($14.99) was conceived and developed with pet parents like you in mind. With the goal of making a more enjoyable and safer walk for you whole family, Stephen Longo designed The Fifth Paw to keep your hands clean and in control while out for a stroll. It's affordable and easy to use, it is now available for pet parents everywhere and fist most medium and large flat woven or leather leashes to facilitate a more sanitary and satisfying walk for all. Enjoy walking with your dog(s) even more!


Beauty Shot

No more holding gross poo bags! This product is fabulous!

This is how you attach it to the dog's leash:

1. Slide the leash sideways into the clamping portion of The Fifth Paw. Two slots are available to accommodate the thickness of different leashes.
2. Slide on the rotating ring.
3. Slide holding the ring in place and gently tighten.

It's that simple! The Fifth Paw is very easy to attach and it does not create a notable weight on the leash. Then, once a bag is clipped onto the Fifth Paw, it rotates 360º around the leash so that it is hanging down and stays out of the way. Plus, there is room for more 3 bags if needed. With The Fifth Paw I can relax and enjoy the walk more because I do not have to carry a sac of poop in my hand. It makes walking my dogs a lot easier, and it is also convenient and light. It works with any plastic bags and you can use it to hold other things, like your keys. It definitely works exactly as expected. I highly recommend this product to anyone who walks their dog(s). It's a must have!

Thanks to Carrie from All Things Dog Blog for the giveaway! Go visit her blog! She offers tips, ideas, and inspiration for making your "life with dog" easier and more enjoyable.

Disclosure: I won this product! Again, thanks to Carrie from All Things Dog Blog for the giveaway. I have not been compensated for this review and the opinions provided are all my own.

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