Sunday, October 4, 2015

Review: Chef Clever Silicone Baking Mat

That's always the question isn't it?
What. Matters. Most. to You.
You and your family's health? Carbon footprint consciousness? The Planet? Sexy style? Functionality? Affordability? Safety? SMARTS?
Now you can get the deliciously healthy treats your family loves, without worrying absorbing the toxic chemicals from wax or traditional baking mats With Chef Clever's Bake with Me Silicone Baking Mat
BECAUSE HEALTH MATTERS: Chef Clever's BPA FREE Silicone Baking Mats EXCEED FDA REQUIREMENTS at every turn, and even helps you cut back on fatty oils-for guilt-free, mouthwatering treats-every time
BECAUSE STYLISHLY STUNNING, and SELFISHLY EASY TO USE Should Come Standard: If you care about style and functionality, you'll love how Chef Clever's Silicone Baking Sheet infuses ruler marks PLUS optimal placement spacing technology so you get amazing results
BECAUSE LESS TIME SCRUBBING MEANS MORE TIME WITH LOVED ONES That's why we worked with industry experts who leverage the power of the world's highest quality materials to develop the latest, most advanced silicone non-stick surface--meaning you'll see even the stickiest cheese, and baked on family favorites slide off saving YOU time and money
Stop worrying about poisoning your family, and your planet with expensive, or poorly built silicone baking sheets that leach toxins into your food when you least expect it. Invest in your health with the most affordable, quality BPA Free Silicone Baking Sheet-for our planet, your safety and the health of your children.
Stop putting your health on the back burner. Simply click Add to Cart before they go on back order again.

This Chef Clever Silicone Baking Mat is better than cooking spray and more durable than parchment. It really is a fantastic thing to keep baked goods from sticking to sheet pans and having to clean grease off them.

The mat has ruler measurements along edge, circle templates, nothing sticks toit, is very easy to clean and durable. I love it!

Overall, it is a great product and I highly recommend it. I get perfectly baked cookies every time I use it!

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