Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Review: Xport Expandable Portfolio

The X-Port Expandable Portfolio is more than just another art portfolio case - it is a radical reinvention of the artist portfolio that has been adopted for many uses beyond artwork. 

The X-Port Expandable Portfolio does what typical artist portfolios cannot: It makes it easy and convenient to insert and remove artwork, display boards, large and awkward-to-carry materials. The rigid sides with corrugated plastic stiffeners and expanding gusset allow it to stand up on its own so you can grab anything inside in seconds through the 6 inch wide opening at the top. The handles, shoulder strap, pockets, stiffeners compartments, business card holder - everything has been carefully designed to make it easy to carry things that used to be difficult to transport. 

The X-Port is deep enough to replace two of the 3" zippered portfolios typically sold by art supply stores and has been field tested to last up to 5 times longer. It is made from 600 Denier Polyester, which is tear-proof, water resistant, and cleans up easily so it always looks like new. We back this up with a 2-Year Warranty, the longest in the business. 

I'm an art student and I think this portfolio (20x26) is simply amazing. It is waterproof, well made, very sturdy, has plenty of room (it is expandable) and big pockets to store supplies. It does not have small pockets to store pencils, brushes and small things though. The portfolio also has a shoulder strap and handles, an ID card pocket and has a professional look to it. You can also make the bottom flat so it can stand up.

I use it to stock mounted photographs, bristol pads, prints, tracing paper pads, drawings, rulers and many more materials. It suits my needs perfectly. I definitely would recommend it to any artist!

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