Thursday, March 5, 2015

Review: Vetro iPhone 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Vetro ULTRA SLIM 0.2mm glass screen protectors are designed to give the best protection from damage without detracting from theaesthetics and feel of your phone. 

Our design is the thinnest on the market at an impressively slim 0.2mm thickness! This allows your fingers to smoothly glide over the edges, no intrusive corners. You'll love the way it feels, guaranteed! 

Extremely easy installation! 

→ 1. An alcohol wipe (included) will help prep your phone to be perfectly clean. This is important to make sure no dust becomes trapped beneath the glass. 

→ 2. A microfiber cloth is also included, for a final buffing after using the alcohol wipe. 
→ 3. Peel the plastic protective sheet from the glass and carefully set the screen protector down slowly. Make sure it's perfectly aligned! It is recommended not to pull it off and retry, as it may not set as perfectly, so be careful! 
The screen protector will apply to your phone as if by magic! No bubbles! 

The material of this screen protector is excellent. It is very strong, amazingly clear, and does not scratch easily. It is much better than the plastic ones. The packaging and instructions were simple to understand and made the installation pretty easy to follow. It didn't left bubbles on the screen.

The screen protector does not cover the curved edges of the iPhone's screen, but you won't probably notice the sizing very much.

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