Saturday, February 14, 2015

Review + Giveaway: ErgoGrip

This simple, yet ingenious accessory eliminates the discomfort when holding a iPad, Tablet or e-Reader for long periods of time. If you are one of the millions of habitual users of tablets or e-readers, you know how uncomfortable it is to hold these devices for a long time. Manufacturers of these devices work hard to make them thin and sleek, but these "cool" designs result in a suboptimal surface. Your hand has to squeeze the front and back of the device to hold it in place and this results in hand stress and discomfort. We developed a very simple Patent Pending ergonomic tablet holder, that allows you to comfortably hold a tablet or eReader because it relieves the strain on your fingers. We call it the ErgoGrip Additionally, because the ErgoGrip is made of a non-marking sticky silicon, you don't have to squeeze the device to secure it, a gentle grasp is all it takes to keep it in place. Finally, the ErgoGrip is extremely versatile. You can switch for right or left hand use and for landscape or portrate modes. You can use it with any device. As you can see from the photos the ErgoGrip is small light and can be used with any tablet or e-Reader.

ErgoGrip is comfortable, flexible and reliable hold on many tablets. It is easy to attach and remove quickly, but does not work with tablets with a rubberized backs or cases. The soft rubber material of the ErgoGrip is soft and allows you to hold an iPad or tablet firmly without any concern of dropping it. Also, the silicone acts as a buffer so the device won't scratch against a hard surface if you put it down on its back or face down.

I use it all the time to read but it also makes it easy and comfortable to simply lie on your back and watch a movie or play games. The ErgoGrip comes in several colors (black, pink, green, white and orange) and can be used either vertically or horizontally.

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