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Tour: Sinful Rewards 7 by Cynthia Sax

Bee Carter has been offered everything she has ever dreamed of—a caring, lasting relationship with a handsome, often charming billionaire; the permanent home she's never had but has always craved; and wealth to buy the designer fashions she loves, support her hard-working mother, and ensure her acceptance by Chicago's elite.

To obtain what she's desired for so long, she has to do only two things: Walk away from her best friend, a woman who is destined to betray her … and end her passionate nightly encounters with a certain tattooed biker, a former Marine who can never give her what she needs.

Her answer should be clear, but the heart has a way of complicating even the most straightforward decisions.

Sinful Rewards 7
A Billionaires and Bikers Novella
By: Cynthia Sax
Avon Romance
Releasing January 20th, 2015

“It shows the world that I’m serious about you.” My billionaire meets my gaze, his expression solemn. “I am serious about you, Bee. I trust you. I feel comfortable around you.” He fiddles with his cuff links. “I can’t ask for more in a wife.”

He feels comfortable around me. A bleakness fills my heart. I shouldn’t say anything. Nicolas is offering me everything I’ve ever wanted—marriage, a forever commitment, wealth, a safe, secure home—and opening my mouth might mess all of that up. I should stay silent, swallow my misgivings.

Shit. I have to say something. “You can ask for more,” I blurt. “You deserve love, passion, a woman who fries your brain with one touch of her fingers, a partner you can’t live without.” Nicolas looks at me as though I’ve lost my mind.

Have I? A month ago, I might have been happy with the relationship we have. Now, I want more. I want to be his priority, his everything. 

“When I’m with you, I’m happy,” Nicolas shares. “I haven’t been happy in . . .” He tilts his head, lines etching between his eyebrows, as he thinks. “I can’t remember the last time I was truly happy. The passion, all of the rest of it, will come.”

He sounds certain. I should let it go, but I can’t. 

“If you knew what people are saying about me, you wouldn’t want me for a wife.” The stories Cyndi related disgust me. What will Nicolas think about them?

“What do you expect people to say?” His gorgeous face grows hard. “You live with a woman who has slept with half of Chicago and then you had lunch with an escort.” 

My mouth opens, closes, opens again, this blunt truth from my sophisticated billionaire shocking me. I say nothing because there’s no refuting his words. Cyndi is proud of her slut status, and Lona is a high-class hooker. 

“But we’ll change that.” Nicolas waves his hands in the air, dismissing my concerns. “You’ll attend dinners, parties, other events with me, no longer associate with Lona LaMarre or the Wynters girl, and—”

“Cyndi is my best friend.” I interrupt his not-so-grand plan. Lona is my friend also, but I decide to fight one battle at a time. “She lives in the same building. I’ll continue to associate with her.”

“Every time you’re seen with her, people will talk.”

If I wear a low-cut top, chat with a man, bend over in a skirt, do anything remotely risqué, people will talk. The rumors will never cease to circulate.

“I won’t turn my back on my best friend.” I lift my chin. “I’m loyal, remember?” I poke him in the chest with my finger. “Your investigator told you that.” His investigator was Hawke. “I can’t believe you asked me to abandon her.” I poke Nicolas again, disappointed in him. Hawke would never ask me to turn my back on Cyndi.

Nicolas catches my finger, stopping my assault. “I’m not asking you to do anything for me that I haven’t already done for you.”

1.What is your favorite/least favorite part about writing?
My least favorite part of writing is saying goodbye to beloved characters. I’m working on the revisions for Sinful Rewards 12 at the moment and I have to take crying breaks. I’ve been with Bee, Nicolas and Hawke for over 1,200 pages. I’ll miss them so much.

I’m a pantser, a writer who writes with no plot, no idea what will happen. My favorite part is when an object or item or comment that appears early in the story is shown to have a deeper, emotional meaning later in the story. For example:  Bee’s big red purse is more than a big red purse. It symbolizes one of her dreams and has a huge role in the story.  

2.How do you come up with character names?
Characters tend to name themselves. I’ll come up with prospective names. They reject most of them, choose one, or insist on a different name all together. The names usually have more than one meaning.

For example: Belinda Carter, our heroine, is called Bee by one prospective hero and Belinda by another. That’s because she shows these men different sides of her. Bee is also apt because she views herself as the ‘B’ choice, the second choice, not quite good enough.

3. If you could sit down face to face with one of your characters, who would you choose and why?
If I thought he’d actually talk to me, I’d choose Nicolas, the jelly bean loving billionaire from Sinful Rewards, but it has taken Bee six installments to have him open up at all to her. He keeps his secrets close.

I’d love to have a beer with Hawke, our bad boy biker, at The Road Gator, the bar he frequents. He’s always surrounded by a group of sexy hot motorcycle men, all former military.

4.Obviously, authors love their main characters—but who are your favorite secondaries? 
I LOVE Cyndi, Bee’s best friend in Sinful Rewards. I love her so much, I’m telling her story for free on the Goodreads group ( ). One of my writing mentors told me there are no minor characters and I take that to heart. All of my secondary characters have lives and hopes and dreams of their own.

5.In three words, how would you describe Sinful Rewards 7?
I only need two—world changing. A secret is revealed in Sinful Rewards 7 that will completely change our view of past events and conversations. I suspect many reading buddies will reread the previous 6 stories with this new perspective. I know I did!

6.What are your current projects? And what can we expect from you in the future?
There are twelve installments in Sinful Rewards (releasing from July 2014 to June 2015) so you’ll read more about Bee, Hawke and Nicolas. I’ll be telling Cyndi’s story for free on the Goodreads group. I have a story in the delicious Mastered 2 box set, releasing in April ( ). If you love erotic romance, especially with some BDSM, this is a must read. Heck, look at the writers involved (I’m the baby writer in the group). If you like great writing, period, it is a must read.

2015 will ROCK!! (hugs Paola!)

Cynthia Sax lives in a world filled with magic and romance. Although her heroes may not always say, "I love you," they will do anything for the women they adore. They live passionately. They play hard. They love the same women forever. Cynthia has loved the same wonderful man forever. Her supportive hubby offers himself up to the joys and pains of research while they travel the world together, meeting fascinating people and finding inspiration in exotic places such as Istanbul, Bali, and Chicago.

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