Sunday, January 11, 2015

Review: MUV Running Armband for iPhone 6

Looking for A QUALITY Running Armband That Protects Your $500 Investment And Also Provides The Best COMFORT? 

The Superior iPhone 6 Armband to Accompany Your Workout. 
- Superior velcro that remains intact, even in the most rigorous of workouts. 
- All openings are reinforced, making them tear-resistant. 
- Ultra soft and light-weight neoprene ensures full comfort; it will not scratch or hurt your skin. 
- Completely sweat resistant so it is usable in any condition, and it prevents your iPhone from being damaged. 
- Touch screen protector is slim and highly sensitive, so you can use your touch screen with no hassle. 
- The high-visibility reflector allows you to run or exercise anywhere at any time.

The MuvUSA iPhone 6 Armband Simply Outperforms and Outlasts Other Armbands. 

Superior Red Stitching provides durability and style, making it unlike any other armband in the market. 
High Quality Velcro ensures that it does not slip off your arm while exercising. 
- Tough yet slim and highly sensitive screen cover along with the reinforced openings make the armband Completely Sweat Resistant. 
- Headphone jack opening at the back of the armband plus Key Holder allow for Ultimate Convenience. 

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The ONLY Sport Armband Blocked by a Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee. 
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This armband looked exactly as pictured and advertised. It isn't too long but should accommodate most average-sized men and women. It is comfortable and flexible. And, the band itself feels very durable and does a great job absorbing moisture from sweat My phone fit nicely inside and I could still touch the screen with no problems.

The MUV Running Armband for iPhone 6 is perfect for running, jogging, or any type of exercise. I'd highly recommend it and the seller!

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