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Tour: Into the Dark by T.A. McKay

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Don’t hate the player … hate the game.

Have fun. Never settle.

Those are the very words that Mason McIntyre has lived by for most of his adult life.
The single life is the one he craves. The one that suits him.
A different girl in his bed each weekend, with no ties. It’s the only way to be.
But, what will happen when he finally meets a girl who dares to say no?
What will happen when the challenge of that one unobtainable girl becomes something else?
What will happen when the player finally gets played?

Niamh Knight doesn’t like players, especially ones who have slept with most of her friends. A pretty face doesn’t impress her, but when that pretty face becomes connected to a man who won’t give up his fight for her, how long will she be able to keep her guard up?
She tries to stay away, tries not to fall for his charm. But, will the player finally win his prize?

Both are faced with a challenge. One like they’ve never faced before.
Can the player finally settle down with only one girl? And, can that girl trust the player?
They know one thing for certain. It’s like the blind leading the blind … Into The Dark.  

Title: Into the Dark (Into the, #2)
Author: T.A. McKay
Release Date: September 25, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance

I have a date tonight with Jen and she has a friend who is coming along, or she will if I can get her a date. My job now is to get Rocco to agree to join us at the restaurant, because if he doesn't come then Jen won't come...and if Jen doesn't come neither will I. There is no way in hell I am not getting laid tonight, I have gone all week without anything while I recovered so tonight must happen.
I walk into Rocco’s office and see him sitting staring out of his window.
“I love to see a man hard at work.” He doesn't even turn to look at me when he answers.
“Don’t you ever knock?” I can’t help but laugh at his surly attitude. Looks like some things haven’t changed this week.
“Do I need to knock? Are you hiding something from me Rocco?”
“Fuck off, Mason. I’m not in the mood.” I walk over to the couch and collapse down onto it, putting my feet up onto the coffee table.
“That’s not a nice way to speak to the guy who has come to answer all your prayers. You, my grumpy little friend, are coming out with me tonight. A meal at Del Mars will put a smile on your face.” I chose to leave out the fact that we will be joined at the meal by two hot females. It will cause an argument either now or I chose later. I know Rocco is a gentleman so he won't cause an argument in front of the ladies, tomorrow will be another story but I will just try and avoid him until work on Monday.
“You maybe didn't hear me, Mason. Fuck off.” He still hasn't looked at me and it’s pissing me off a little. I pick up the cushion that’s on the couch next to me and throw it at him.
“Penny for your thoughts, sweet thing.” The cushion hit’s him on the side of the head finally making him turn to look at me. He looks like shit. There are dark circles around his eyes making it look like he hasn't slept in weeks, and he has at least two days worth of stubble that is very unlike Rocco.
“You’re a dick, you know that right?”

“People keep telling me that lately, I'm good with it. So, you gonna talk to me this time or should I win in a smack down and force you to talk?”

  Into series
Into the Deep (Into the, #1)

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Im a contemporary romance author who is about to release my second book in the Into The series, called Into The Dark.

I live in Scotland with my husband and three amazing children. I live in a very small village in the country so writing makes it easier to have friends, even if they are in my head.
I have always been a huge reader but it wasn't until 2013 that I was...lets say write my first book. I published on my birthday in 2014 and have been on a crazy roller coaster ever since.
My favourite things to read about are tattooed alphas...and if they have a dirty mouth its all the better!
I have met so many awesome people on this journey and I never imaged talking to some of my favourite authors, never mind calling some of them my friend.
If you ever go to a signing and there is a Scottish redhead fangirling in the corner....well thats probably me!

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