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Tour: Nothing Compares To You by Tiffany Marie

Mitch loves everything about his job as a photojournalist––the excitement, the money, the notoriety––which is why he has no plans for a lengthy stay in his childhood hometown of Pine Lake. But when he meets enigmatic single mother Natalie, he can’t help his attraction, or his overwhelming desire to pursue her. 

The last few years have taught Natalie she’s stronger than she ever thought. She was strong enough to leave her abusive ex-husband, strong enough to endure a year in a women’s shelter, and strong enough to begin rebuilding her life with her young son. She’s going to make sure she’s also strong enough to avoid future heartbreak, which means not getting close to anyone––especially not someone like Mitch, who doesn’t plan on staying in town for more than a few months. Yet the more time Natalie spends with Mitch, the more her resolve crumbles. 

As their tentative friendship develops into a passionate romance, both Mitch and Natalie realize they’re in deeper than they ever intended. When an exciting new job assignment sends Mitch halfway around the world, Natalie is left with the realization that she let the wrong man in once again. And Mitch realizes giving Natalie up for his career was the biggest mistake of his life—and one he might not be able to fix.

Nothing Compares to You

Pine Lake Series Book Two
By: Tiffany Marie

Natalie had almost fallen back asleep when she heard an excited voice say, in a very loud whisper, “Are you really gonna make chocolate-chip ones?”
Sammy. But wait––he was still supposed to be at the sleepover. She was scheduled to pick him up at ten. Had she slept in so late Mitch had needed to go get Sammy?
Feeling suddenly frantic, Natalie tried to get out of bed, but her legs were tangled up in the sheet and blanket, and she stumbled off the sofa bed and landed in a heap on the living room floor. She’d never once forgotten or been late to get Sammy.
Pushing herself to her feet, Natalie glanced over to the clock hanging in the kitchen and saw it was only a little past eight.
“What happened? Is everything okay? Did Mrs. Wellington drop you off?”
“Mitch picked me up.”

This was way too much to process when she’d just woken up. “When?”
“Last night. Mitch said he’s gonna make us pancakes for breakfast––chocolate-chip ones! Can I really have chocolate for breakfast?”

“Fine, fine.” Natalie wasn’t concerned with his diet at the moment. “What happened with the sleepover?”
A troubled look came over Sammy’s face, and he dug his toes into the carpet and avoided her gaze. Natalie turned to Mitch questioningly.
Mitch cleared his throat. “Sammy had a bit of a tough time. Sandra called, but you were asleep so I answered. Sammy wanted to come home, so I went to get him.”
Mitch shrugged, like it was no big deal. Like having to get up in the middle of the night to rescue her scared son from a sleepover gone bad wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.
Natalie’s heart swelled, but she tried to cover it up by saying, “I don’t think we have any chocolate chips here. Go get dressed, Sammy.”
Sammy scampered off to his bedroom, eager for an early morning sugar high.
“Thank you,” Natalie said, going to stand in front of Mitch. She wanted to kiss him, but was pretty sure her morning breath would scare him off.
Mitch shrugged. “No biggie.”
“It’s a big deal to me. Thanks for taking care of him. For taking care of both of us.” Last night was supposed to be about the two of them, but instead he’d had to perform parental duties that were hardly his problem. But he hadn’t complained about it, hadn’t even woken her up and made her go. He’d handled it, and now he was getting ready to make them breakfast.
“I was just hoping it would get me laid again later.”
Natalie rolled her eyes. Typical man, deflecting serious conversation with a sex reference. “Maybe even a blowjob.”
Mitch’s eyebrows shot up so quickly, Natalie laughed. He reached for her, but she evaded him and hurried into the bathroom to take care of some hygiene matters.

Tiffany Marie grew up in Michigan and currently lives in northern Indiana with her wonderfully supportive husband, rambunctious young son, and two rescued pets. She has worked in an elementary school, a bookstore, and a winery, and now she stays home with her son and writes whenever she has a few minutes to spare. She spends her free time reading too many romance novels, drinking too much Diet Pepsi, and taking too many naps.

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