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Blog Tour: Scared to Death by CS Latu

You don't always get a choice in life. You can't control who dies. You can't control who you love and you can't stop change. But you can make a mess of it. 

For Ruby Green, life is about loss. Everyone she has ever loved has died, save one. Her best friend from childhood. He has always been her saving grace. When things change between them, Ruby finds herself lost in a maelstrom of emotions. She's not ready to lose him in order to have him. 

Noah Carrington believes in living. Even if the road is dark, the fear makes you feel alive. Life is too short and regret is a wound that festers. He always saw his best friend, Ruby, in his future, she would be just around the corner in the next room until he started seeing her in his arms.

They both know that being scared to death means you have something to lose. The question is, will they learn that it means you have something to gain too?

Title: Scared To Death
Author: CS Latu
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 9. 2014

Screams erupted from my phone, it woke me up. When I made my eyes focus on the screen, the ringing or screaming had stopped. A notification popped up showing a new voicemail.
“Did you wake up for the phone?” Ruby asked, standing in my doorway.
“No.” I had to clear my throat to get the sound out.
“Well, the damn thing woke me up.” She grumbled, shuffling her feet.
“Sorry.” I offered, throwing a hand behind my head. She was in her normal ratty pj's, a Grateful Dead shirt and cut off shorts.
She stared at my bare chest.
“I’m up here,” I pointed with my free hand.
“I was playing connect the dots with your tattoos.” Her eyes drifted to mine. Her excuse was cute. Almost as cute as her. I knew she was going to run.
“It’s 8am.” She sighed, turning to go back to her room.
“Ru.” I called, reaching out my free arm to pat the bed beside me.
She lifted her brow, questioningly.
“When was the last time you washed your sheets?” She asked, taking a few steps in the room.
“I want to watch cartoons.” I ignored her comment.
“It is Saturday.” She smiled, lifting the covers to crawl under them. Before I realized what she had done, she had snatched the pillow from under my head.
“I don’t know if I want to watch cartoons with you anymore.” I threatened, causing her to laugh. It was a good sound to hear, it hadn’t changed since we were kids, deep and throaty.
“You invited me in.” She said in a mock Dracula voice. “Now you must accept your fate!”
“Much like you must accept yours!” I roared, throwing back the covers to grab her. She squealed as I leaned over running my fingers across her ribs.
“If you don’t stop, I am going to pee on your bed.” She spoke in between fits of giggles.
“Then I would have to rub your nose in it.” I continued to torture her.
She pushed up off the bed, grabbing at my hands, which had moved to her back. Her chest banged into mine while she fought to pin my hands to the mattress. The side of her face smacked me hard on the nose.
“Fuck.” I let go of her to reach for my throbbing nose.
“Oh, I’m sorry. Let me see.” Her hands were pulling mine away from my face. I had closed my eyes because she hit me so hard it brought tears.
“Noah, let me look.” She pulled harder on the hand remaining on my face. I had to let go because I was losing my balance. If she pulled again, I was going to fall on top of her. I moved my hand to press both of them onto the mattress on either side of her.
“Do I still have a nose or did you flatten it with your big head?” I asked with my eyes still closed.
A hand slapped me on the chest.
My eyes popped open to see her face just a couple of inches from mine.
“You hit me in the titty.” I pouted, she didn’t laugh. She opened her mouth slightly pulling her bottom lip in; I watched the skin turn white as her teeth bit down.
“It’s not really fair you are the only one who gets to chew on you.” I said, leaning towards her. Her mouth had opened in shock or to say something, but I cut her off.

csI was born on a cold day in January. They said I was the only baby in the hospital. They also said that I picked my head up twice to turn away from people who came to see me after I was born (Who wants strangers looking at you after such a life altering event while you are naked?). Not much has changed. That cold day was 30 years ago in South Carolina. Needless to say, I got the twang! At the ripe age of 22, I married my man bear pig hubby who happens to be from Chicago. I learned that there are people who do not have accents, who sound like they have accents because they don't have accents. Mind blowing there. Our love story is pretty nifty. I met him online when I was 15 and chatted with him for four years, on and off as friends, until we met and I showed him some southern charm and BAM! Here we are ten years later with eight years of marriage and several fur persons rounding out the family thus far! My writing started as a child when I tried to write about three pewter statues of wizards coming to life. Books and words have always been a passion for me. My mind is incredibly random, if you talk to me for more than ten minutes, it becomes painfully obvious. I draw inspiration from absolutely anything and everything I come in contact with, with particular emphasis on music, pictures and the crazy situations in life. It is my hope one day to have a small hot air balloon tied to my chimney so I can write by starlight. I am pretty sure I would find that most inspiring.

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